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Do you have stupid and silly dreams at night? Mr Sleepybum does, and he’s going to reenact them for you. 

Mr Sleepybum awakes in his bed to find a theatre full of children and parents. A circus of silly sketches and dream scenes ensues, from swimming with sharks to solving the mystery of the stolen chocolate cake to being chased by a frog dressed in character as a snail. Mr Sleepybum’s imagination is limitless. 

Mr Sleepybum is an award-nominated children’s comedy show written and performed by character comedian Jody Kamali.  

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The creator, Jody Kamali, came up with the idea with his then 5-year-old Daughter, Ariana. Every morning, she would ask what dreams he had. Jody began to act them out, and she found the whole idea hilarious. A lightbulb moment. “This is a great idea for a kids show!” He quickly applied to perform the show at the Leicester Comedy Festival in 2023. But what would he call it? ‘Mr Sleepybum!’ cried Ariana. 

  • February 2023

Mr Sleepybum debuted at the Leicester Comedy Festival. The show was nominated for Best Kids Show

  • May 2023

After some tweaks, some improved costumes, including a snail shell, designed by Jody’s neighbour Liz, and an additional voice over from Andy Day (yup, that Andy from Cbeebies) the show performed two sell out shows at the Brighton Fringe. 

  • July 2023

Further improvements and a short run at Buxton Fringe. Nominated Best Kids Show. 

  • August 2023

The show had a successful sell-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe and received several 4-star reviews, including an article in The Guardian. Mr Sleepybum’s name was mentioned in the New York Times for being one of the stand-out show names of the fringe. Mr Sleepybum was picked up by a prominent theatre tour booker, who is now booking a tour for Mr Sleepybum in Autumn 2024.

  • February 2024

The prestigious Park Theatre in London book Mr Sleepybum for a week’s run in May. 

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